Zany & DV8 - Distorted (B-Front Remix)

Distorted (B-Front Remix)

Zany & DV8

01. Distorted (B-Front Remix)

Fusion Records
Catalog #
Fusion 133
13 February 2012
Digital Download
Written by Raoul van Grinsven, Michel Pollen & Peter Aldenzee. Produced by B-Front
What happens when the rawest kid on the block decides to take on ‘Mr Fusion’ and ‘The Voice Of Hardstyle’? Here’s what: You will get knocked the f*ck out! B-Front once again demonstrates his excellent raw skills in this remix of Zany & DV8’s monstrous 2008 classic. If you’re a fan of no nonsense asskicking hardstyle this combo of Fusion heroes is your ultimate fix. ‘Get your stuff sorted and get Distorted!’