Re-Volt - Invictus



01. Invictus

Fusion Records
Catalog #
Fusion 132
06 February 2012
Digital Download
Written and produced by Revolutionz
On a dark and soundless day, in the autumn of 2009, a new hardstyle phenomenon was born on Belgium soil. Injected with musical madness and loaded with bass frequencies this new project gloriously came to life: Re-Volt. Re-Volt consists of producer Bart Leroy and dj/producer Marc Mertens. Being influenced by dance music from an early age, their ambition to be amongst the best hardstyle producers grows every day. Bart, born in Brussels, has always had a passion for electronic music. Fascinated by Audio Engineering, the urge to expand his knowledge in music resulted in exploring the ever evolving hardstyle scene. Marc, born in Antwerp, developed his interest in dance music in the early nineties. Being a talented dj, his passion for electronic music spreads as a virus, infecting every crowd with the urge to dance. Re-Volt is the first Belgian act to have a release on Fusion Records. Their track ‘Invictus’ demonstrates a massive power that simply belongs to a label that is known for it’s innovating hardstyle sound. Some see it as a rebellion, we see it as Re-Volt!