Donkey Rollers - Hoodoo Voodoo / Sleeping Souls

Hoodoo Voodoo / Sleeping Souls

Donkey Rollers

01. Hoodoo Voodoo

02. Sleeping Souls

Fusion Records
Catalog #
Fusion 149
23 July 2012
Digital Download
Written and produced by Raoul van Grinsven, Michel Pollen, Johan van Korven & Peter Aldenzee
The Donkey Rollers strike again! After a year of total studio silence, the inventors of the rawest sound in hardstyle are back! With ‘Hoodoo Voodoo’ and ‘Sleeping Souls’ Donkey Rollers demonstrate the groundbreaking style they are known for. On this release the Donkey took a trip to the world of black magic and returned stronger than ever! Get your dolls and needles out, wake up your soul and let open your mind for some Hoodoo Voodoo!